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Martes, Oktubre 4, 2016

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Duterte tells Obama to 'go to hell'

President Duterte delivers his strongest invectives yet against US, stating he lost respect for Washington and might as well halt ties America.

"Mr. Obama,  you can go to hell. EU [European Union], better choose purgatory. Puno na sa impyerno. Bakit ako matakot sa inyo? [Translation: Hell is already full. Why should I be afraid of you?] President Rodrigo Duterte said Tuesday in front of a group of local governance leaders in Makati  — and later,  a Jewish community — explained why he was not happy with the Americans, along with the European Union and the United Nations.

He particularly slammed out at the US, saying he was "very emotional because America has certainly failed us."

Duterte noted that the US should have helped the Philippines in addressing the widespread problem on illegal drugs rather than criticizing him.

"I have lost respect with the U.S." he said.

Duterte restated his promise to "stop corruption, drugs, and criminality."
"That's what I promised to the people and that is a sacred promise. I will do it and will not stop despite hypocrisy of the EU, America, and Obama," he said.

Further, Duterte said the Philippines has gained nothing from joint war games with the superpower.
"Mga Amerikano lang natututo diyan (Only Americans learn there) using our soldiers. U.S. will not fight or die for us." That's why he said he'd rather pursue ties with other countries.

"Mas mabuti pa magluhod ako sa mga king of Brunei o Thailand 'wag mo akong paluhurin sa America. Never. Ayoko talaga. You can do your worst, actually," the Duterte said.
Duterte said he would be "reconfiguring" his foreign policy and "would rather go to China and Russia."

"Eventually, in my time, I will break up with America."

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