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Huwebes, Oktubre 20, 2016

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Donald Trump accused of sexual misconduct by 10th woman

A tenth lady blamed Donald Trump for undesirable sexual contact on Thursday morning, hours after the presidential competitor furiously recharged his disavowals of steadily having inappropriate contact with ladies. 

Karena Virginia guarantees that Trump grabbed her bosom and made sexual remarks toward her at a random encounter outside the 1998 US Open tennis competition in Flushing, Queens. Virginia was 27 at the time. The two had never met, she said.

flanked by renowned womens' rights lawyer Gloria Allred, and confronting a battery of clattering cameras. 

As she was waiting, she claimed, Trump approached her with a small group of other men. “I was surprised when I overheard him talking to the other men about me. He said: ‘Hey, look at this one, we haven’t seen her before. Look at those legs,’ as though I were an object rather than a person.
“He then walked up to me and reached out his right arm and grabbed my right arm,” she continued. “Then his hand touched the right side of my breast. I was in shock. I flinched. ‘Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know who I am?’ – that’s what he said to me. I felt intimidated and I felt powerless. When my car pulled up and I got in, after I closed the door, my shock turned to shame.”
Virginia, who depicted herself on Thursday as a yoga educator and holistic mentor from the tri-state range, talked in a midtown Manhattan inn gathering room just squares far from Trump Tower. It was short of what one week after Allred held a question and answer session with another Trump accuser.

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