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Biyernes, Oktubre 21, 2016


Duterte assails U.S. for strict visa policy

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday pummeled the United States for its prohibitive visa strategy for Filipinos.

Addressing the Filipino people group in Beijing, Mr. Duterte additionally hit the United States for its take against extrajudicial killings in his ruthless war on medications.

Mr. Duterte talked about his push to get a visa to visit his better half in the United States when he was in school.

“But the Americans can enter the Philippines anytime without visa. Why? Why don’t we make it reciprocal?” he said.

Mr. Duterte noted that there were about 300,000 Filipinos working in China and China was “very kind” to them, as long as they don’t commit crimes.

He said he would not intervene if China would impose capital punishment on people found guilty of drug trafficking because under his administration the death penalty was being “carried out right in the streets.”

More than 3,000 drug suspects have been slaughtered by police and vigilantes since Mr. Duterte propelled his coldblooded war on medications after taking office on June 30.

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