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Martes, Oktubre 18, 2016

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Duterte expresses willingness to lose presidency for what he thinks is right

President Rodrigo Duterte said that he will give up the most astounding government post in the nation for what he accepts is correct. 

He said that it is a piece of his predetermination in the event that he would be denounced for doing what he accepts is the best for the Philippines. 

“Sabi nila, ‘ay ‘yan mawala ‘yan i-impeach.’ Ako taya ako honor, buhay, pati ang pagka-Presidente ko. Huwag ninyo akong takutin ‘yang mga taga-Manila na mag-rally kayo next year paalisin niyo ‘yan. Kasi pag napaalis ako, that is part of my destiny,” Duterte said during his speech in Batanes while visiting the typhoon victims.
(They said, “he will be impeached.” I am willing to sacrifice my honor, life and presidency. Do not try to scare me, those people from Manila can rally next year to call for impeachment. If I am impeached, that is part of my destiny.)
Duterte has been getting kickback and reactions for the asserted extrajudicial killings in the nation since his term began and for his threatening vibe towards the United States, the European Union, the United Nations, human rights advocates and even the Catholic Church. 

Indeed, even neighborhood government officials, for example, Senator Panfilo Lacson and showbiz identities like Agot Isidro have hammered the President for his reckless articulations towards the known remote partners of the nation. 

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