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Biyernes, Oktubre 7, 2016

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Matobato prepared to sacrifice own life

Self-declared hitman Edgar Matobato has testified against President Rodrigo Duterte.

The 57-year-old testified against former Davao City mayor ordered his men to execute assassinations during his term. Feeling bothered and guilty for the lives perished in his hands Matobato is ready to give his life and pay for all the sins--confessing over 50 men died on his hands.

 Matobato says he would like to ask forgiveness from all people he harmed in the past. Fearlessly, he said that he is ready to offer his own life and entrusted everything to God. Whatever happens to him, he would be willing to accept it.

After he dragged General Ronald dela Rosa and linked him to the alleged summary killings, Matobato who shows no fear of death and says he only wants to correct his mistakes.

"If he will accept me, it will be fine with me. What I would jjust like to point out is that, I will surrender without doubts. That's all I can say, I am not frightened," Matobato referring to General Bato uttered in bravery.

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