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Linggo, Nobyembre 27, 2016

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Protest Over Currency Ban Tomorrow, No Bharat Bandh: Congress

NEW DELHI: Congress today made it clear it has not required a 'Bharat bandh' tomorrow, but rather will hold protests across the nation over against demonetisation, which it affirmed "was a political move being sold as a fight against corruption". 

Addressing journalists in Delhi, party pioneer Jairam Ramesh said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has faith in "dhamaka" governmental issues and the choice to scrap high-esteem cash notes was taken on the grounds that he had seen the "written work on the divider" in Uttar Pradesh, where surveys are expected one year from now. 

He asserted that Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 500 notes were scrapped to conceal the administration's inability to convey on the Prime Minister's enormous constituent guarantee of bringing back dark cash stashed abroad and PM Modi needed to accomplish something "dramatic". 

"It is a political move which is being sold as a battle against corruption," Mr Ramesh said hitting out at the Center. 

He said individuals who have amassed riches by illicit means are not enduring, but rather the individuals who don't have dark cash are confronting hardships. 

""Unfortunately, people who needed to be attacked have gone scot-free," he said, including that one segment of "suited-booted" individuals  was still leading the existence of extravagance. 

Mr Ramesh, a previous Union Cabinet minister, asserted that BJP was spreading misinformation that Congress and different gatherings have required a 'Bharat bandh'. 

The Opposition gatherings will hold dissents the nation over by watching "Jan Aakrosh Diwas", he said. 

Attacking the Modi government, he said financial action has at any rate ground to a halt since November 9. 

Asked what will be the Opposition's procedure in Parliament, Mr Ramesh said a debate will happen if the Prime Minister takes an interest in it. 

The Congress pioneer likewise scrutinized government's readiness to acquire new coin notes, saying that as per assessments, it might take up to 250 days to print new notes and bring economy back on the track. 

He likewise censured the Prime Minister's require a "cashless" or "lesscash" society, saying that in India, a lion's share of individuals utilize money for day by day exchanges." 

"Such things take time and cannot be forced by giving shocks," Mr Ramesh said.

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