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Biyernes, Disyembre 30, 2016

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Amanda Nunes Destroys Ronda Rousey

LAS VEGAS – Ronda Rousey was at the end of the day pulverized by a striker and lost her second continuous session. 

The previous ladies' bantamweight champion was totally bulldozed in the striking amusement by Amanda Nunes, who halted Rousey at 48 seconds of the first round to hold her ladies' bantamweight title in the headliner of UFC 207 at T-Mobile Arena. 

Nunes handled a major right seconds into the battle that unmistakably hurt Rousey, who was battling interestingly since a shocking annihilation on account of Holly Holm on Nov. 14, 2015. 

Rousey attempted to toss punches with Nunes, however she doesn't have anything to offer. Nunes was rankling her with mixes, hitting her with practically all that she tossed. 

"This is amazing," Nunes said in jubilee. 

Nunes landed 23 of 35 strikes she tossed, all of which were effective shots. She upheld Rousey up from the main seconds of the session and essentially overpowered her. 

The misfortune leaves Rousey's future in genuine question. Her arrival pulled in a standing-room-just horde of more than 19,000 and pay-per-see deals are relied upon to surpass 1 million. 

She was ensured $3 million to appear, and will profit millions more than that. 

In any case, Rousey, who had a media power outage and didn't talk much at all in the battle's development, may not battle anymore. She had much of the time said that she would judge when to stop by the harm she has taken. 

Her judo made her the game's greatest sensation and top stars, as she could win her initial 12 battles basically with an apparently relentless arm bar. 

Rousey hit hard, yet her striking safeguard was never incredible thus she had issues when confronting tip top strikers like Nunes and Holm. 

On the off chance that the misfortune prompts Rousey to resign, obviously, it will be the end of an unfathomable run. UFC president Dana White had broadly said he could never permit ladies to battle in the UFC, yet subsequent to seeing Rousey, he altered his opinion. 

She sold out fields everywhere throughout the world and sold pay-per-viewss at an incredibly high rate. 

She won her initial six UFC battles and it resembled nobody could contend with her. 

In any case, Holm, a previous world boxing champion, demonstrated the outline a year ago at UFC 193. Holm moved insightfully and countered Rousey before closure the battle with a kick to the head. 

On Friday, it wasn't so unpretentious. Nunes was energetic to exchange with Rousey, whose take never got off the middle line as she was getting impacted by hard shots. 

Nunes was amidst a multi-punch blend when Dean ventured into spare Rousey from further discipline.

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