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Huwebes, Disyembre 1, 2016


Demi Lovato talks about living with bipolar disorder as she raises awareness for mental health issues

Demi Lovato shared private insights about her mental health with the world on Wednesday. 

This week, the 24-year-old performer opened up about living with bipolar issue. 

The former Disney star made her diagnosis open with a specific end goal to reveal insight into the regularly misconstrued condition. 

On Wednesday, the Cool For the Summer artist showed up on NBC's today show this morning to speak more about her psychological wellness journey. 

The on-screen character wore a straightforward trim designed dress as she imparted a message of want to the group of onlookers. 

'If you know someone or you're dealing with it yourself, just know that it is possible to live well,' said Lovato 'I'm living proof of that.' 

The People's Choice Award winning star additionally reported that she would be a part of the Be Vocal: Speak Up For Mental Health campaign as a spokesperson. 

In an interview with People she uncovered a way of dealing with stress she learned: 'Whenever I was in treatment and I had the urge to do something that was harmful to myself ,whether it was self-harming or was just something that wasn’t good for me, my treatment team told me to distract myself.' 

The blunt on-screen character has been open about her own battles before. 

In 2010, the vocalist-songwriter checked into rehab for 'physical and emotional issues' subsequent to misery a mental breakdown while on tour with the Jonas Brothers.

A short time later, the Sonny With A Chance star confessed to engaging bulimia and additionally self-medicating with medications and liquor amid a great time. 

She credits companions, family and her mental health professional with helping her through her recuperation. 

March 2017 will stamp her third year of living sober. 

throughout her trip, Lovato has utilized her voice as a big name to help other people. 

Additional to her work to battle psychological wellness and compulsion, the star is dynamic about social issues. 

The self-portrayed women's activist is a vocal supporter of LGBTQ rights and showed up at the 2016 Democratic National Convention to demonstrate her support of Hillary Clinton.

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