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Martes, Disyembre 27, 2016


Kanye West Didn’t Want To Attend Kardashian Christmas Party: He’s ‘Not In The Holiday Mood’

When we consider Kanye West, 39, we picture a gathering creator, NOT a gathering pooper! “Obviously the end of this year hasn’t been festive,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He and Kim [Kardashian] have had many disagreements as of late regarding their busy schedules, home renovations, his support for Donald [Trump], and their marriage in general. No doubt Kanye loves his wife, and he always will, but right now they’re in a rough spot.”

Attempt as we may to reject the separation gossipy tidbits, developing doubt Kimye are becoming further and further separated. As though the truth star's startling Parisian burglary wasn't sufficiently damaging, Kanye is engaging his own particular evil spirits now. The hip jump star registered with the UCLA Medical Center for a couple days, taking after reports that he was experiencing neurosis. Since his discharge, Kanye has pledged to dial down his candid identity, however that is the side of him Kim in a split second went gaga for. It resembles a dilemma! 

Lamentably, we haven't seen the same Kanye since returning home to Kim and the children. The rapper has all the earmarks of being a shell of his previous self, adding pointless weight to his marriage. “They’re doing the best they can to get through the end of the year,” proceeds with the source, taking note of that the couple show up somewhat troubled together nowadays. Kimye were captured driving around Calabasas on Dec. 26 looking more hopeless than any other time in recent memory. “This to me is the unhappiest she’s ever looked,” well-respected body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass told EXCLUSIVELY.

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