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Miyerkules, Disyembre 14, 2016

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Secret Photos Reveal Where Donald Trump Grows His Hair

Surprisingly the first living space used to develop Donald Trump's hair has been found in Tromsø, Norway, one of the northernmost urban areas on the planet. 

Pictures seem to demonstrate a veritable hair homestead of thick, straw-like, fair wigs being developed on rocks by a stream, set against the background of a destroy scene. 

Sufficiently alright with the tension. Prepare yourselves! You're in for a bushy ride! 

Jokes aside, the genuine article to recollect here is without a doubt exactly what a stunning spot our reality is. That we can discover something so strikingly like human hair developing on rocks in this little-known corner of the planet is unquestionably confirmation that nature is far more peculiar, more imaginative, and more various than anything we can ever envision. 

Whatever fantastical or silly things we brainstorm, our general surroundings dependably goes above and beyond. 

What's more, that is something we can all be appreciative for.

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