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Miyerkules, Enero 18, 2017

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Anonymous Threatens To Expose Donald Trump's 'Russian Secrets'

Like a great many people, when Anonymous initially began debilitating 'bad guys' - I was captivated. Who were these individuals? I envisioned them resembling a very much oiled machine which would dole out vigilante equity like free condoms at a Students' Union. At that point, the gathering began debilitating the guardians of the little child who fell into Harambe's fenced in area.

They 'declared war' on the family, notwithstanding giving out the telephone number and address of the mother's work environment. The video stated: "Dear citizens of the world, as you may have heard an endangered silverback gorilla, Harambe, was killed this week after a woman, xxxxxx, neglected to supervise her children.

"We do not see xxxxxx as a fit parent. We are calling on an investigation of xxxxxx and the zoo. We believe she should be charged in the death of an endangered animal.

"We are encouraging every able-bodied person watching this video to participate. #OpHarambe engage."

A few things ring a bell, above all else being: who the fuck are these individuals to choose whether or not somebody is a fit parent. Go fuck yourselves. I don't have the foggiest idea about a solitary parent who keeps their eyes on their children day in and day out/365. Truth be told, it's unthinkable. So to assault a lady who committed an error truly annoyed me.

From that point forward, Anonymous has been on a rapidly declining winding of prevalence. They appear to simply 'wage war' against each and every individual who makes the news for being an abhor figure. Bore off.

Presently, the gathering cases to have data on Donald Trump.

They're some quite genuine affirmations. Do they truly have that sort of intel? Odds are... no. No they don't. They're quite recently frantically endeavoring to stay pertinent.

They included:  "This isn't the 80s any longer, information doesn't vanish, it is all out there. You are going to regret the next four years."

Truly, on the off chance that they truly do have such awesome hacking abilities and a solid good compass - incredible. All energy to them. Yet, why not accomplish something good instead of singling out vulnerable families.

It stays to be seen regardless of whether they really have any confirmation to move down their cases about Donald Trump, yet in the event that their reputation is anything to pass by then I'm not holding my breath.

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