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Martes, Pebrero 28, 2017

Femme Fatale: He Gave Her His Heart — And She (Tried To) Eat It Up … LITERALLY!

A homicidal femme fatale didn't attempt to win over her partner's heart on a first date — she attempted to cut it out of his body to eat as a feast! 

In a stunning conclusion to one of the most noticeably awful first dates ever, Amy Brown, 24, wounded her casualty's trunk in a motel room in Lynnwood, Wash., and let him know, "I’m a serial killer!" 

Cops busted the psycho after her casualty squirmed free and fled, in spite of the fact that she later advised officers she needed to end up distinctly a serial executioner, and proclaimed, "I’m a loon!" 

She additionally admitted she wanted to eat the man's heart and after that stick a note to his body "explaining that she planned to kill again," as indicated by the capture report. 

The startling occurrence unfurled after the 29-year-old man posted an advertisement on Craigslist "not to solicit sex, but for friendship and possibly dating purposes,"  authorities said. 

Brown reacted, the two consented to meet and their date wound up in a motel room paid for by the man on Jan. 29. 

While the two were lying on the bed talking, Brown inquired as to whether he was a serial killer, and he revealed to her he wasn't, as indicated by cops. 

He told police Brown then hopped on top of him and reported, "Well, I am a serial killer!" and wounded him with a folding knife. 

"He stated that the attack was unprovoked and there had not been an altercation between them prior to the incident," specialists said. 

The casualty figured out how to escape and look for offer assistance. He was taken to a nearby clinic with cut injuries to his trunk. 

One officer depicted Brown as “extremely emotionless," and appeared to be "“more concerned with missing work the next day than facing the possible consequences of an aggravated assault." 

Brown’s auto wears a guard sticker that understands: "“I’ve got a perfect body. But it’s in the trunk and beginning to smell."

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