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Martes, Marso 21, 2017


Trump signs NASA funding bill to send astronauts to Mars

President Trump marked a bill today reauthorizing financing for NASA after Obama fundamentally close them down 7 years back. Trump additionally set the objective of NASA arriving on Mars.

President Donald Trump marked a bill into law Tuesday that updates NASA's main goal to include investigation of Mars and approves $19.5 billion in spending for the U.S. space organization for the present spending year.

It's the first run through in seven years that there has been an approval charge for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, otherwise called NASA, said Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, a central patron of the bill. Cruz joined a few space travelers and different administrators in the Oval Office to watch Trump sign the bill.

"For almost six decades, NASA’s work has inspired millions and millions of Americans to imagine
distant worlds and a better future right here on earth," Trump said. "I’m delighted to sign this bill. It’s been a long time since a bill like this has been signed, reaffirming our commitment to the core mission of NASA: human space exploration, space science and technology."

The measure alters current law to include human investigation of the red planet as an objective for the organization. It bolsters utilization of the International Space Station through no less than 2024, alongside private area organizations joining forces with NASA to convey freight and investigations, among different strides.


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