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Biyernes, Marso 3, 2017

Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell: Social media gives models 'power'

The 26-year-old Belgian-Irish Victoria's Secret Angel, who was in New York City on Tuesday morning to advance the unmentionables brand's vivid, loose Dream Angels accumulation for spring, disclosed to Fox News that she wouldn't fret sharing parts of life via web-based networking media, regardless of whether on the runway or in the solace of home with companions.

"I think [social media] has played a huge role in giving models a little power to show exactly what they want to show," clarified Maxwell. "Just giving fans a little insight into how your day is going. I love to show fans what I’m excited about and to get them excited. It’s also such a fun tool to have in your career, especially as a model. You can really show people what you’re doing day-to-day. It’s just honestly the perfect way to show them little bits of your work life and personal life." 

Maxwell is exceptionally acquainted with being in people in general eye. In 2015, that year she earned her wings for Victoria's Secret, the design display blended features for allegedly dating artist Miley Cyrus. While Maxwell never affirmed the relationship, the pair weren't hesitant to flaunt their maturing kinship on Instagram.

At that point in late 2016, subsequent to strutting the runway for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris, bits of gossip twirled that she was dating Kristen Stewart. Be that as it may, in spite of the media's developing enthusiasm for Maxwell's adoration life, she's more inspired by seeking after her profession and getting some genuinely necessary downtime.

"Personally, I like to be at home, relax and just be around my friends," said Maxwell on what makes her vibe provocative following a long work day. "Or just reading a book. Reading is sexy! Being confident without makeup is sexy. I think being able to sit around in your underwear is sexy. The [Victoria’s Secret] bralettes are perfect for lounging and there’s so many cute styles. I think that’s sexy. Just being a little carefree and relaxed in your underwear…It’s kind of nice to have something like that in your collection. You can just chill in your underwear." 

That same certainty Maxwell easily has gotten the consideration of Maxim. She bested the Maxim Hot 100 rundown in 2016. Nonetheless, she said anybody can feel similarly as great about themselves for any event. 

"I think confidence is something you have to embrace,” said Maxwell. “Every woman is confident in her own way and it’s all about finding what makes you confident. If that means spritzing a little perfume in the morning, then that’s amazing. Everyone has their different thing that makes them feel confident." 

Maxwell likewise attributed an every day workout regimen to dependably make her vibe great, regardless of whether at home or before cameras. 

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"We [Victoria’s Secret Angels] all lead healthy lifestyles so I think working out is part of our day-to-day regime,” said Maxwell. “It’s not really something we think about too much because we’re so used to doing it. We know we like to feel fit and it’s kind of helped us feel very confident, to feel healthy. It also puts us in the right mindset for the [annual] fashion show. It all goes hand-in-hand. And of course, we all do an extra push right before the show."

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