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Lunes, Hulyo 30, 2018

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Femen Co-founder Oksana Shachko Found Dead in Paris

Oksana Shachko, one of the three ladies who established Ukrainian women's activist association Femen, was discovered dead in her Paris flat on Monday.

"RIP. The most fearless and vulnerable Oksana Shachko has left us. We mourn together with her relatives and friends," the association wrote in a declaration distributed to its blog on Tuesday.

The gathering included that it is sitting tight for the "official version from the police" before giving more data. The Ukranian government office affirmed Shachko's passing to a Russian telecom company.

French specialists presently can't seem to discharge an official reason for death, however different outlets, including Agence France-Presse, detailed that the 31-year-old extremist was found with a suicide note alongside her body.

"It is with great regret and deep pain that I must confirm the death of Oksana," Femen pioneer Inna Shevchenko told AFP.

One of the three fellow benefactors of Femen, Anna Hustol, presented the official declaration on her Facebook page with a photograph of Shachko.

Shachko banished to France in 2013 and left Femen. From that point forward, she had been filling in as a craftsman.

Amid the five years she was in Femen, Shachko was captured many circumstances, grilled, supposedly manhandled by police and spent right around multi year in prison. She was likewise one of the individuals who was allegedly grabbed in Belarus in 2011 in the wake of challenging the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko amid a topless rally. Shachko and different individuals said they were compelled to strip exposed in the forested areas, were beaten, had oil poured on them and were debilitated to be determined to flame.

"She must have committed suicide at the last drop of her suffering ― she had experience tons; I am not surprised she has done it, her entire life has never been easy, she had layer upon layer of pain," picture taker Dmitry Kostyukov, spouse of Femen fellow benefactor Sacha Shevchenko, disclosed to The Daily Beast.

Femen, known for its topless challenges, was established in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2008. Shachko, Sacha Shevchenko and Hustol established the gathering with the trademark, "I came, I stripped, I won." According to the association's site, Femen dissenters utilize "sextremism" keeping in mind the end goal to execute "complete victory over the patriarchy."

"Female nudity, free of patriarchal system, is a grave-digger of the system, militant manifesto and sacral symbol of women’s liberation," the site peruses.

The worldwide women's activist development frequently dissented sexism, homophobia, religious foundations, for example, the Catholic Church, and the legislative issues of President Donald Trump.

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