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Miyerkules, Agosto 1, 2018

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Coach Urban Meyer put on paid administrative leave after his recently-fired assistant's ex-wife contests the Buckeyes legend's claim he was NOT aware her domestic violence allegations.

Ohio State University put its head football mentor, Urban Meyer, on paid managerial leave on Wednesday as it explores whether he knew about abusive behavior at home charges against terminated partner mentor Zach Smith.

"The university is conducting an investigation into these allegations," Ohio State said. Ryan Day, who has been the group's hostile organizer, will act head football mentor while Meyer is on clear out.

"We are focused on supporting our players and on getting to the truth as expeditiously as possible," the university said.

Meyer said in an announcement that he and Gene Smith, Ohio State's athletic executive, "agree that being on leave during this inquiry will facilitate its completion. This allows the team to conduct training camp with minimal distraction. I eagerly look forward to the resolution of this matter."

At issue is whether Meyer thought about abusive behavior at home assertions against Zach Smith made by his ex, Courtney Smith. Zach Smith was the group's wide recipients' mentor.

Zach Smith was let go on July 23 after he was served a common security arrange for the benefit of Courtney Smith. The request, which was marked July 20, is viable until 2023 and disallows Zach Smith from going inside 500 feet of his ex.

In a July 23 Facebook post, school football columnist Brett McMurphy nitty gritty a progression of aggressive behavior at home claims against Smith going back to 2009 and 2015.

The day after Smith was terminated, Meyer was gotten some information about the assertions amid the Big Ten Conference Football Media Day.

Meyer said he knew about an occurrence including Zach and Courtney Smith in 2009, while they were as yet hitched. Meyer said he and his significant other, Shelley Meyer, "actually both got involved because of our relationship with that family and advised counseling and wanted to help as we moved forward."

Meyer said he didn't know anything in regards to the 2015 occurrence including the Smiths.

At the point when Meyer was gotten some information about the security arrange documented against Smith, the mentor said the terminating choice had "a little bit" to do with that and that it was a "group effort" to go to that choice.

Courtney Smith told Stadium, a games organize, that she revealed to Meyer's significant other in 2015 about the charged aggressive behavior at home.

Zach Smith's lawyer, Brad Koffel, told CNN in an announcement: "Zach Smith wants to be as transparent and honest as possible but it is not going to be done today through the media. It will only be after he and his ex-wife are sworn in to testify. Once he gets his chance to tell his side of events, don't be surprised when it is corroborated by every police who ever responded to Ms. Smith's calls."

CNN's Sheena Jones and Wayne Sterling added to this report.


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