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Linggo, Disyembre 2, 2018

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Teenage girl auctioned off on Facebook without social media firm's bosses noticing

A dad could sell his high school little girl for marriage on Facebook in spite of the web-based social networking giant having a 30,000-in number social network moderators.

Children’s charity Plan International said five men in South Sudan had bid to marry the 17-year-old, possibly including high-ranking government officials.

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A wedding function was hung on 3 November in the nation's Eastern Lakes State locale, the charity group stated, however Facebook just wound up mindful of the closeout six days after the fact – over about fourteen days after it was initially posted.

“This barbaric use of technology is reminiscent of latter-day slave markets,” George Otim, the charity’s South Sudan country director, said in a statement. “That a girl could be sold for marriage on the world’s biggest social networking site in this day and age is beyond belief.

“While it is common for dowries to be used in marriages in South Sudanese culture, nothing can excuse the way this girl, who is still a child, has been treated as nothing more than an object, sold off to the bidder prepared to offer the most money and goods.”

The charity group asked the administration of South Sudan, the world's most youthful nation, to suspend any authorities found to have been included.

The greater part of ladies matured somewhere in the range of 20 and 24 in South Sudan had been hitched before they achieved 18, as indicated by the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (Unicef) information. Nine percent were hitched before age 15.

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Plan International said the young lady's dad sold got 500 dairy animals, three vehicles and $10,000 in return for his little girl, subsequent to putting her available to be purchased toward the end of last month.

The CNN news channel detailed that the sale had been posted on 25 October. Facebook disclosed to The Independent it wound up mindful of the young lady's dad's post on 9 November and deleted it within 24 hours.

A Facebook representative stated: "Any type of human trafficking, regardless of whether posts, pages, promotions or gatherings, isn't permitted on Facebook. We deleted the post and for all time debilitated the record having a place with the individual who presented this on Facebook.

“We’re always improving the methods we use to identify content that breaks our policies, including doubling our safety and security team to more than 30,000 and investing in technology.”

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