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Linggo, Pebrero 3, 2019

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WATCH: Harry Roque reacts to mean tweets on GGV

In a episode of Gandang Gabi Vice which featured Atty. Harry Roque, he reacted and commented to mean tweets about him. Although the episode was aired purely for fun and entertainment, some netizens felt that the episode was too much, too insensitive. Watch the highlights of the episode featuring the senatoriable below.

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More than the negative comments about Roque's guesting, netizens thought that he reacted and commented to the tweets with positivity and intellect.

"Hands down Harry. Well done on this interview.Vice, masyado ka pang malayo to this person intellectually. This is by far the worst episode ever. Stay on your lane, komedyante ka lang, abogado yan! Panis. Hahaha!"
"Harry Roque impressed me here with his professionalism and wit. And I agree with the other comments. This video is too politicized... perhaps, biased, than entertaining."
"Atty. Harry Roque has earned my respect and admiration in this interview. I like his positive attitude and fun demeanor. Intelligence, wit, and professionalism at its finest. As for Vice being "rude" we dont know what's going on behind the scene. Baka ayaw niya talaga ang episode na to, or baka may pinagdadaanan na hindi natin alam. Let's not judge Vice, but be thankful to GGV kasi mas nakilala pa natin si sir HR."
 "Harry got my RESPECT here and lose my respect to vice. I'm glad Harry handled it professionally. Anyway, sanay naman sya maghandle ng ganyang tao bilang spox. Kaya cguro ayaw sya paalisin ng presidente sa pwesto nya."
"Harry Roque showed sportmanship in this interview while Vice Ganda is really unprofessional and insensitive. I must say Korina and Mocha interview is much better than this one. However, I still love Vice Ganda but please, don't be biased next time. Avoid conducting interviews if you know to your self that you cannot control your feelings. SKL 😅😂 "

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