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Linggo, Hunyo 2, 2019

Real Madrid edge closer to mega signing: But it would mean a puzzle to solve for Zidane

It is basic a basic info that since Eden Hazard will sign for Real Madrid when the two clubs – Chelsea and Real Madrid concede to a price for the Belgian International.

After Chelsea won the Europa League final game in Baku, Hazard shed light on his momentum circumstance in the post-match festivals and uncovered that he has consented to individual terms with Los Blancos. Here is a portion of what he state,

“I have made my decision already and now I’m waiting on both clubs. I think it is a goodbye, but in football, you never know.”

In the 2018/19 season, the Belgian managed 21 goals and 17 assists scoring 20+ goals for the first time in his Chelsea career, something that turned out perfectly in great advantage to his Real Madrid audition.

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